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Why Report Fraud?

Federal law protects whistleblowers against retaliation and offers significant financial incentives to individuals with knowledge of fraud against the government.

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Medicare & Medicaid Fraud

If healthcare providers submit claims or records that are either falsified or intentionally misleading to procure otherwise unwarranted government funds, they are in violation of the False Claims Act.

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Defense Contractor Fraud

Defense contractor fraud, purchase and procurement fraud and other schemes are frequently employed to divest the government of federal funding and rob everyday citizens of their hard earned cash.

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Whistleblower Attorneys - Skilled Qui Tam Lawyers You Can Trust

If you are considering reporting fraud against the government, our attorneys can help explain your legal rights, protect your confidentiality and ensure you receive the maximum financial award allowable by law. At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys help employees, executives, healthcare professionals, and other individuals expose illegal schemes to defraud the government and recover financial awards for their efforts. We understand that it takes great courage to come forward and blow the whistle on fraud; however, without the help of whistleblowers, the government and the American taxpayer will continue to lose billions every year due to fraudulent activity.

Under federal and state laws known as False Claims Acts, whistleblowers are eligible to collect a substantial financial reward for bringing forth information and filing a successful lawsuit against companies that submit false or fraudulent claims to the government.

If your employer or a company you do business with is engaged in a scheme to enrich themselves at the cost of the American taxpayer, contact our attorneys for a confidential discussion about your legal rights.

What Will My Whistleblower Attorney Do?

Whistleblower Attorney

File a Lawsuit: Our team conducts an extensive investigation and analysis of the facts and circumstances in order to ensure all of the details are considered. If your whistleblower attorney determines that you have a viable case, he or she will file a lawsuit in federal court detailing how the company or organization is defrauding the U.S. government. The lawsuit will be filed under seal, which means that the case and all related court documents are kept confidential. Even the company or organization that is being accused of defrauding the government will not see the documents or know that a lawsuit has been filed. The U.S. Department of Justice will then investigate the allegations contained in the suit. If the Justice Department agrees the company has made false claims, it will join your case and seek to recover compensation on the government’s behalf.

Interact with the Department of Justice on Your Behalf: Your attorney must submit a “disclosure statement” listing the documents and other evidence that you have in your possession regarding the allegedly fraudulent activity. The disclosure statement is only filed with the Department of Justice – not the court – and will remain confidential. After the disclosure statement is filed, the Department of Justice may want to meet with you. Your whistleblower attorney will accompany you to these meetings and help prepare you for any questions that may be asked.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement: Because companies and healthcare organizations caught defrauding the government wish to avoid the negative press coverage associated with a trial, many whistleblower lawsuits settle before going to court.

Whistleblower Compensation: How Much Can I Recover?

Originally signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War to prevent suppliers from defrauding the Union Army, the False Claims Act is one of the federal government’s most powerful tools to stop fraud, waste, and abuse. Under the law’s qui tam provision, an individual with knowledge of fraud against the government can file a whistleblower lawsuit to collect the funds that have been defrauded, plus related fines and penalties.

Whistleblower Compensation

By filing a lawsuit, the whistleblower may be entitled to receive a substantial financial reward. If the lawsuit is successful in recovering the amount that was defrauded, the whistleblower is entitled to a reward of between 15% and 30% of the total amount recovered. It is not uncommon for whistleblowers to receive substantial financial rewards, particularly in cases involving Medicare fraud, pharmaceutical company fraud, or fraud against the Department of Defense. Your attorney will negotiate with the Department of Justice so that you receive an award that fully compensates you for the valuable information you have provided.

If your employer or business associate is involved in a scheme that defrauds or overbills the federal government, our whistleblower attorneys can help you report the fraudulent conduct and receive a financial reward for taking action. To find out how our attorneys may be able to help you, please contact us today.

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