About Us

Our attorneys in our Complex Litigation Group help whistleblowers recover taxpayer money stolen because of fraudulent activity — one of the ways we work for the people and not the powerful.

Our whistleblower team has the resources needed to ensure your case is thoroughly and properly handled. Our attorneys are highly experienced in litigating qui tam and other whistleblower cases — whether preparing cases for the government or litigating cases ourselves. We also have several former FBI investigators who can help ensure your case gets the thorough attention it deserves. In addition, while smaller and even medium-sized firms often cannot afford to handle complex cases like whistleblower suits, Morgan & Morgan has the resources to cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your suit.

With $4 billion in verdicts and settlements, we have the experience to handle even the most complex whistleblower lawsuits.

The Complex Litigation Group has substantial experience in False Claims Act/qui tam litigation involving healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud, and other forms of fraudulent activity. Our lawyers and professional staff have been involved in cases that resulted in recoveries in excess of $4 billion and remain committed to helping recover funds that were lost due to government fraud.

Through their decades of litigation experience, our attorneys have developed an enviable track record of success holding top medical device makers, large insurance companies and other for-profit businesses accountable for their actions. We understand how to level the playing field against large corporations, who typically have a team of attorneys on staff, and can try to predict and counter the tactics these companies will use to try to disprove your claims.

We Help Whistleblowers Seek Justice

Working with whistleblowers and confidential witnesses is something we do every day — we take your privacy and security very seriously. When you contact us for a free case review, you will speak directly with a whistleblower attorney, not a paralegal or an assistant.

In addition to working directly with clients, the qui tam team also accepts case referrals and co-counsel arrangements with other attorneys or law firms, sharing the contingency fee according to ethical and legal requirements.

For more information on the Complex Litigation Group, please contact us today.