Attorney Referrals

Whether you’re looking to refer a qui tam client or establish a co-counsel arrangement, partnering with Morgan & Morgan’s Complex Litigation Group for whistleblower attorney referrals will help ensure that both you and your client are rewarded.

If a whistleblower case is referred to us by another attorney or law firm, we will share the contingency fee in accordance with ethical and legal requirements.



What you need to know about whistleblower attorney referrals or a co-counsel relationship

We believe that you should be compensated when you refer a qui tam client. The Florida Rules of Professional Conduct permit attorneys to receive referral fees on a contingency fee recovery. Referral fees, which are a percentage of the attorneys’ portion of the contingency fee recovery, can be substantial in qui tam cases where a successful lawsuit entitles the whistleblower to a reward of between 15% and 30% of the amounts that the government recovers.

You can refer all types of whistleblower cases.

We have a team of 550 lawyers, over 3,000 supporting employees and several former FBI agents who ensure that Morgan & Morgan is equipped to handle even the most complex whistleblower lawsuits. We deal with all cases involving:  
  • Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
  • Defense Contractor Fraud
  • Securities Violations including Dodd-Frank Act Violations
  • Tariff/Duty Fraud
  • Davis Bacon Act Violations
  • IRS Tax Fraud
  • Environmental Fraud
If your client’s case is not listed here, our attorneys likely have experience in the practice area. If you are unsure whether we accept a particular type of case, contact us to discuss your client’s case with our whistleblower attorneys.

You can refer whistleblower clients regardless of the litigation stage.

When clients are considering a lawsuit, they are referred to us to direct the litigation from the outset. Our attorneys are also commonly involved in a case during the course of the litigation after the government has declined to intervene in the matter. Our trial experience and ability to absorb the expense and risks of complex litigation means that our whistleblower attorneys can be brought in to co-counsel during a particularly difficult stage of litigation, even on the eve of a trial. Our lawyers and professional staff have been involved in cases that resulted in recoveries in excess of $1 billion and remain committed to helping recover funds that were lost due to government fraud.

You will speak directly to our qui tam attorneys and receive a prompt case analysis.

When you contact us for a whistleblower attorney referral, you will interact directly with our attorneys. A whistleblower attorney will discuss your client’s case with you and confirm that there is no conflict. We will then obtain as much information as possible, review records, meet with you and your client and analyze the merits of the case. If your client’s case is accepted, you and your client will sign an agreement ensuring that you receive a percentage of the recovery in the case. Once litigation begins, you will be kept fully informed on the case progression and receive status reports.

You and your client will be working with whistleblower attorneys that get results.

At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys have developed an enviable track record of success holding top pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, large insurance companies and other for-profit businesses accountable for their actions. We understand how to level the playing field against large corporations, who typically have a team of attorneys on staff, and can predict and counter the tactics these companies will use to try to disprove your client’s claims.

The attorneys in our Complex Litigation Group have substantial experience in false claims act / qui tam litigation involving healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud, and other forms of fraudulent activity.

Your client relationship will be respected.

Morgan & Morgan honors the relationship between you and your client. If you refer a client to us, the relationship will be limited to the case referred. Should you and your client decide to engage Morgan & Morgan for other litigation, you will receive referral fees on those future cases.

You can refer cases anywhere throughout the country. As one of the nation’s largest plaintiff only law firms, we accept attorney referrals in almost all jurisdictions in the country. If you are unsure whether we accept referrals in a jurisdiction, contact us to discuss your client’s case.

We will follow all ethical rules governing the sharing of contingency fees.

In a whistleblower attorney referral or co-counsel arrangement, we take responsibility for following all procedures to ensure compliance with relevant ethical rules. For example, in Florida, the payment of referral fees to lawyers is governed by Rule 4-1.5 of the Florida Rules of Professional Conduct. To comply with this rule, your client will sign an agreement explaining that: (1) that you and Morgan & Morgan are jointly responsible for the representation; and (2) the division of fees between the firms.

At Morgan & Morgan, we pride ourselves on maximizing client’s recoveries and partners’ referral fees. Contact our Complex Litigation Group today to discuss a whistleblower attorney referral or co-counsel arrangement.