About Us

The Whistleblower Attorneys are part of the Complex Litigation Group within Morgan & Morgan, one of the nation’s leading plaintiffs’ law firms.

For the past 25 years, Morgan & Morgan has serviced more than 100,000 clients across the country, recovering groundbreaking multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements on behalf of its clients. The firm is continuing its efforts to protect the people, not the powerful, by helping whistleblowers recover taxpayer money that was stolen due to fraudulent activity.

Our Attorneys

Why you should choose Morgan & Morgan whistleblower attorneys to handle your case

We have the resources.

The law firm you choose to handle your whistleblower claim should have the resources needed to ensure your case is thoroughly prepared and executed. At Morgan & Morgan, we have a team of more than 300 lawyers, over 1,400 supporting employees, and several former FBI investigators who can help ensure your case gets the attention it deserves. Furthermore, while most small and even some medium-sized firms cannot afford to handle this type of litigation, Morgan & Morgan is more than capable of covering the out-of-pocket expenses associated with your suit. With millions of dollars recovered in jury verdicts and out-of-court settlements, and a dedicated team of legal professionals, you can trust that Morgan & Morgan is equipped to handle even the most complex whistleblower lawsuits.

We have experience taking on big-name defendants.

At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys have developed an enviable track record of success holding top medical device makers, large insurance companies and other for-profit businesses accountable for their actions. We understand how to level the playing field against large corporations, who typically have a team of attorneys on staff, and can predict and counter the tactics these companies will use to try to disprove your claims.

When government attorneys see the Morgan & Morgan Complex Litigation Group name on a filing, they know they can expect a high-quality work product and a law firm committed to getting results.

We can help convince the government to join your case.

At Morgan & Morgan, our whistleblower attorneys maintain the highest standard in case selection and have cemented their reputation for filing only high-quality, intervention-worthy cases. We understand that your case is more likely to be successful if the government chooses to intervene. We have the experience needed to compose your case in such a way that the government will be convinced to join your lawsuit.

Our Experience

Many of our attorneys have been designated as “Super Lawyers” and/or received the esteemed AV Rating, which indicates the highest level of professional excellence. Our success is evident not only in our awards and affirmed reputation as aggressive trial lawyers but also in our results.

The attorneys in our Complex Litigation Group have substantial experience in false claims act / qui tam litigation involving healthcare fraud, defense contractor fraud, procurement fraud, and other forms of fraudulent activity. Our lawyers and professional staff have been involved in cases that resulted in recoveries in excess of $1 billion and remain committed to helping recover funds that were lost due to government fraud. Most recently, the Whistleblower Attorneys have helped resolve False Claims allegations against Adventist.

Working with whistleblowers and confidential witnesses is something we do every day. When you contact us, you will speak directly with a whistleblower attorney, not a paralegal or an assistant.

The qui tam team also accepts case referrals and co-counsel arrangements with other attorneys or law firms, sharing the contingency fee according to ethical and legal requirements.

For more information on the Complex Litigation Group, please contact us today.