How Long Does a Whistleblower Case Take?

All whistleblower cases are different, and the time from filing to settlement is highly variable. But you should realistically expect that your case will take several years to resolve.

Your attorney will help you determine whether you can take legal action. If so, he or she will:

  • Draft a complaint outlining the facts of your case, as well as its legal basis
  • File the complaint with the court
  • Notify the government of your case
  • Assist the government while it investigates your case
Our whistleblower attorneys will work with you to manage and expedite the process within the constraints of the system.

The Attorney General or an attorney with the Department of Justice is required to investigate any allegations of fraud against the government. The government will have 60 days to investigate the allegations posed in your complaint, but can request additional time if necessary. 

Once the investigation is complete, the government will decide whether to intervene in your case. If the government joins the case, the suit will be resolved through either a jury verdict or settlement. If not, your attorney can help you determine whether you should drop the case or proceed on your own. Just because the government declines participation in your case does not mean that you don’t have a valid claim.

During an actual case, we’ll be better able to answer your questions about how things are progressing. But even in the best case scenario, whistleblower cases take a significant amount of time to unfold, and patience is needed.

If you have questions or concerns about filing a qui tam lawsuit, contact our attorneys today for more information.