Billing For A Non-Covered Service As A Covered Service

We have helped employees, executives, healthcare professionals, and other individuals expose illegal schemes to defraud the government and recover financial awards for their efforts. Here, Attorney James Young explains a common form of healthcare fraud.



Video Transcript

Government insurance has numerous rules in place in order to control the type and extent of procedures which are covered.   Sometimes doctors will bend the rules and provide an uncovered procedure but bill it as a covered procedure in order to “do the patient a favor”.  Of course the favor results in unnecessary expense to the government. 

The reality is that most patients are only concerned with two things: getting healthy (or finding relief from their suffering) and how much they personally have to pay out of their own pockets for medical services. Because the insurance companies are footing the bills (or most of them), patients usually have no qualms as long as they are regaining their health.

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