Misrepresenting Dates of Service

When some people cheat the government, we all pay the price. That’s why if you help uncover fraud, you are fully protected and could receive a significant cash reward. Attorney James Young explains a common type of healthcare fraud, where providers misrepresent dates of service.

Video Transcript

Providers might make more money by reporting they visited with or and treated the same patient on two separate days rather than one day. Each "office visit" is usually considered a separate billable service. Often the services the fraudsters list on claim forms are actually provided, but the dates are false because it's more profitable for the providers.   In other cases there are strict time limits for covering things related to a surgery which is billed under a DRG.  Providers will make it appear as though the follow up or related care was provided outside the inclusive date in order to receive reimbursement.

As taxpayers, it’s up to us to combat corruption. If you have information regarding fraud, come forward and we’ll make sure you remain anonymous.  Contact us now, for a free, confidential review.