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When you refer a case to our Complex Litigation Group’s Whistleblower Team, you are partnering with Morgan & Morgan, the nation’s preeminent firm with a reputation for protecting people, not the powerful. Our attorneys maintain the highest standard in case selection.

The Complex Litigation Group has been involved in whistleblower cases that resulted in recoveries of more than $1 billion and remain committed to recovering funds lost due to government fraud. When you partner with Morgan & Morgan, you are partnering with the nation’s largest plaintiff-only firm with offices in 7 states and a proven track record of results at trial.

Track Record of Success

Morgan & Morgan attorneys have a successfully  held top pharmaceutical companies, medical device makers, large insurance companies and other for-profit businesses accountable for their actions.

Our formula for success is time-tested: We undertake meticulous preparation, maintain the highest ethical standards and industry reputation rely upon state-of-the-art legal thinking and dispatch veteran courtroom attorneys with superior courtroom skills to succeed for our clients.

Working side by side with our qui tam attorneys are former FBI Special Agents with over 100 years of combined experience. The investigators have diverse backgrounds including military, law enforcement, MP service and advanced degrees. In addition to obtaining the highest level security clearances, several team members possess specialized skills in evidence recovery, covert and surreptitious entries and interrogation skills.

Qui Tam Litigation Experience

Our qui tam attorneys have experience in False Claims Act and qui tam litigation involving:

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