Episode 2: How To Blow the Whistle

James Young explains the whistleblowing process from start to finish, providing unique insights about both the technical and psychological challenges whistleblowers often face.

From contacting an attorney to being interviewed by the government, being a whistleblower is a long and difficult road. Even after the government interview, much patience is required when waiting for a resolution. James helps both whistleblowers and attorneys new to qui tam litigation set appropriate expectations about what constitutes a qualified case, how to collect evidence, and how to deal with employer retaliation.

Episode topics

00:28 Addressing misconceptions about the motives of whistleblowers

01:37 Witnessing fraud at work

06:50 Going back to work after beginning the investigation with your attorney

10:17 Three ways companies can properly address whistleblower complaints

13:38 The government interview

15:09 Waiting for a resolution Learn more about what is takes to be a whistleblower here.