Episode 5: When Corporations Fight Back

Companies that commit fraud do everything in their power to fight back against qui tam lawsuits. Within the scope of each case, it’s important for attorneys and whistleblowers alike to be stay ahead of common defenses.

It is typical for large corporations to retain powerful defense counsel; because of this, whistleblowers are well served to hire a highly qualified, specialized qui tam legal team on a contingency-fee basis. A qualified attorney will anticipate the defense’s possible motions to dismiss, ensure that the whistleblower files well within the Statute of Limitations, and will only take on a case that has sufficient evidence to convince the government that fraud has occurred.

Episode Topics

00:27 Motions to dismiss

02:26 Statute of Limitations, first-to-file rule

05:18 1986 False Claims Act amendments that impact defendants and whistleblowers

08:10 Affordable Care Act amendments to the False Claims Act

Learn more about why it’s important for whistleblowers to hire a specialized qui tam attorney.