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Whether you're looking to refer a qui tam client or establish a co-counsel arrangement, partnering with Morgan & Morgan’s Complex Litigation Group for whistleblower attorney referrals will help ensure that both you and your client are rewarded.

If a whistleblower case is referred to us by another attorney or law firm, we will share the contingency fee in accordance with ethical and legal requirements.

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Misrepresenting Provider of Service

Last year, people with information about fraud helped the government recover billions. When the people entrusted with our health get rich at the taxpayer’s expense, we all suffer. If you’ve witnessed fraud and speak up, you are entitled by law to protection and can receive a significant cash reward. Healthcare workers who have come forward have received millions.

Nursing Home and Hospice Fraud

Healthcare fraud occurs upsettingly often in facilities with especially vulnerable patients. For this reason, nursing homes and hospices can unfortunately be easy targets for Medicare and Medicaid fraud.

Unscrupulous healthcare workers or administrators sometimes use the vulnerability of nursing home and hospice patients to overcharge for services rendered, perform unnecessary services, and even to cause permanent harm to patients in an effort to increase profits.

Pharmaceutical & FDA Fraud

Pharmaceutical whistleblower lawsuits often involve drug companies that promote or encourage doctors to prescribe drugs for off-label uses, give doctors kickbacks to prescribe certain medications, or fail to comply with the FDA's manufacturing and safety regulations.

Whether you are a current or former drug company employee or executive, a pharmaceutical sales representative, or other healthcare professional, our attorneys may be able to help you collect a sizable financial reward for reporting pharmaceutical fraud.

Types of Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Companies that commit Medicare and Medicaid fraud stand to make a considerable profit from their unlawful actions.

This being the case, there are many ways in which an organization may attempt to defraud the government and taxpayers. Vigilant citizens should be on the lookout for any questionable billing practices and remember that their employers may not retaliate against them for investigating fraud.