How do I report fraud?

What does it really take to blow the whistle on your employer’s fraud? Learn about your right to report fraud, and how healthcare whistleblowers can navigate HIPAA Privacy Rules when collecting evidence.

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Thanks to whistleblowers, last year the government recovered $3.5 billion dollars under the False Claims Act.

How long do these cases take?

Attorney James Young explains how long it can take for whistleblowers to see a resolution.

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There’s no easy way to predict the duration of a case. The statistical average is a little over 4 years, though there are cases that have lasted 10 and 15 years, and there are cases that have resolved in 6 months. Some of the factors that go into that:

Where are most cases filed?

Attorney James Young discusses the advantages of filing qui tam lawsuits on a federal level.

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Most of the cases are going to be filed in Federal Court rather than State Court. We like to file suit under the Federal False Claims Act, even when state money is involved.