What kind of attorney do I need?

Attorney James Young offers insight into what makes a qui tam attorney or law firm qualified to file a whistleblower case.

Video Transcript

It’s better to consult with attorneys on the front end rather than wait until it’s too late; time is of the essence. Y

ou want to use attorneys that have experience, both in filing these cases and in working with the government.

I know I spent 10 years with the government. We have 4 retired FBI agents that serve as our investigators.

You want to have a law firm that has those kinds of resources, and experience, and background, to understand what it takes to put together one of these cases. 

And the other thing is—you want a law firm that is actually going to litigate on your behalf if the case is declined. Which, as the nation’s largest contingency-fee law firm, we’re certainly ready, willing and able to do.