What do qui tam attorneys do?

Attorney James Young explains how qui tam attorneys differ from other types of lawyers.

Video Transcript

Two reasons: One is, very few cases end up getting intervened by the government.

And so if you don’t know what you’re doing--if your lawyer doesn’t know what they’re doing--and they file a case that doesn’t have the necessary components, the magic words, if you will, and doesn’t put [it] together in a way that the experts understand, it has a lower chance of getting intervened or successfully resolved. So one, I would say, for that reason.

Second is, some of the regulatory terms that are involved here--not just terms meaning words, but regulatory programs and oversight programs for Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, defense contracting--they’re highly technical and quickly evolving programs, and you need attorneys that are on top of those regulations.

So if you just go to a typical attorney, they’re not gonna know the nuances and ins and outs of those regulatory schemes. And that’s pretty important.