Episode 1: The False Claims Act

The Whistleblower Attorneys Podcast with James D. Young begins by exploring the background and history of the False Claims Act, America’s most established whistleblower law.

James Young is a whistleblower attorney and partner with leading plaintiff’s law firm Morgan & Morgan. Having served as Special Counsel to three Florida attorneys general, James has worked extensively on healthcare fraud, medical device, and pharmaceutical cases.

While the logic behind original whistleblower reward laws was to set “a rogue to catch a rogue,” these anti-fraud measures have evolved significantly over the centuries. Now, most whistleblowers are not involved--or are only minimally involved--in the fraud they report.

Episode topics

00:09 Introduction and overview of episode themes

01:16 Background information about James D. Young

02:11 Origins of the role of the whistleblower and the term "qui tam”

11:52 Amendments to the False Claims Act in 1943 and in 1986, the modern False Claims Act

13:34 Three important takeaways from this episode

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