The Whistleblower Attorneys Podcast goes behind the curtain of qui tam lawsuits to explain what it really takes to be a whistleblower and to represent whistleblowers.

In the 6-part series with qui tam lawyer James D. Young, listeners will learn about the laws that protect and reward whistleblowers, as well as the tactics powerful corporations use to try to get away with fraud.

Attorney James Young is an award-winning complex litigation attorney dedicated to the representation of whistleblowers. He previously worked as Special Counsel to three Florida Attorneys General and has first hand knowledge of what government prosecutors look for in qui tam cases.

In collaboration with former FBI investigators, James and his fellow qui tam attorneys help fight for those with the integrity and bravery to speak out against fraud.

Episode 1

Learn about the False Claims Act and the evolution of the modern whistleblower.

Episode 2

James discusses the psychological toll of blowing the whistle, and what the process looks like for qui tam relators and their attorneys.

Episode 3

Delve into the various types of fraud and the laws the protect and reward whistleblowers.

Episode 4

Former FBI Agent David Reign shares investigative techniques that help build strong qui tam cases.

Episode 5

James explains the defenses powerful corporations use to shut down fraud allegations, and how whistleblowers can stay one step ahead.

Episode 6

In the final podcast of the series, James explains how, why, and when financial rewards are given to whistleblowers.