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The False Claims Act and other whistleblower laws are vital to preserving the integrity of our nation’s largest industries. Watch the videos to learn about how these laws protect and reward those who are brave enough to stand up for what’s right.

1. What is the False Claims Act?

2. How do I report fraud?

FAQs with Attorney James D. Young

James Young represents whistleblowers in qui tam cases nationwide. Formerly Special Counsel to three Florida Attorneys General, James is noted for his outstanding work protecting taxpayers and consumers against fraudulent healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. Select a topic below to hear James' answers to frequently asked questions about whistleblowing.

1. Who are your clients?

2. Which cases does the government take?

3. What kind of attorney do I need?

4. How much are whistleblowers rewarded?

5. How long do these cases take?

6. Where are most cases filed?

7. Why do people report fraud?

8. How much does a lawsuit cost?

9. What do qui tam attorneys do?

10. What can I do about employer retaliation?

11. Could I get fired for blowing the whistle?